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Internet Cafe Software and HotSpot Software Billing
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HotSpot Software

All cyber internet cafe locals provide usage and rentals of the computers. Major
influence in customer decision about visit to the Internet cafe locals is based on the
additional servicess. This lead to the development of specialized Internet Cyber Cafes
for gaming. Gaming Cafe and other additional service providing often require big
investitions in the required equipment and time in which it will pay off. This is
the main reason why many of the Cyber Internet Cafe locals before any other additional
services start providing WiFi access to the customers which bring theire laptops.
It lead them to idea of providing WiFi access to bigger area and provide Internet
WiFi access to neighbourhood locals, apartments, houses, campus and hotels.

For monitoring, limiting and control over your Internet resources usage we
recommand you best software solution. Antamedia HotSpot WiFi billing software
limit access to your resources based on the customer accounts. In the creating
of the account you will be able to specify account properties like expire date,
time on the account, bandwidth upload and download quota. HotSpot WiFi billing
gateway provide you URL filtering based on the used keywords. For all people
that plan to go into HotSpot and WiFi business, we recommand to found usefull
informations at www.starthotspot.com. Latest version of popular WiFi billing is available
for download from HotSpot Software - HotSpot Billing - WiFi Management Software.

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