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Internet Cafe Software and HotSpot Software Billing
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Internet Cafe Software

Most important thing for your Cyber Gaming Cafe is to have full
control over your network and computers. It can be very easy done with the best
market Cyber Gaming Cafe solution, Antamedia Internet Cafe Software.
It protects computer system and controls time usage of your computers. Internet Cafe
software is server - client based application that runs on every computer in your Cyber Cafe.
When Client program starts, protection mask covers the screen and completely locks
the system. Customer has to login in order to use games and applications.

In addition to the control of time usage over the computers, Antamedia
Internet Cafe software
have powerful Point Of Sale in which you can set upto 180 items.
Network traffic monitoring which can provide you valuable informations about
usage of your Internet resources over the network.
Printer tracker application will automaticly add printed pages to the customer bill.
SmartCards support in the Internet Cafe software is optional and will definitivly
provide more sophisticated look and feeling in your Cafe.

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