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Kiosk Software

Internet Kiosk software converts computer into self-service kiosk. It helps you securely display your website or application to your customers, reduces maintenance time by preventing access to the system drives, folders, desktop, options and programs. Kiosk software blocks system keys like Ctrl-Alt-Del and prevents your system from hacking and downtime.

Self-service ticket dispenser helps you automate selling of the prepaid Internet tickets. It runs as a standalone service, or as an integrated part of the Kiosk. It collects bill, coin, credit card and PayPal customer payments and creates tickets which can be used on all kiosks or hotspots in your network.

Kiosk Software Payment Station Add-On Features:
  • Cash collections via Bill and Coin Acceptor
  • Accepts credit card payments with more than 70 payment gateways
  • Prints tickets at different prices for Kiosk and WiFi HotSpot usage
  • Runs on the same Kiosk PC
  • May run on a different PC and provide tickets for all Kiosks and WiFi
  • Top-up user accounts for returning customers
  • CCTalk support
Configure Kiosk Software to your needs using self-branding and customization

self-service kiosk

Kiosk Software Features:

Lock down your kiosk or public computer
Runs in Limited Account
Blocks Applications and Program Options
Password Protected Kiosk Setup
Blocks System Keys
Hides System Drives
Folder Access Rights
Secure Browser
Limited Browsing
Protect Customer Privacy
Disable File Downloads

kiosk software
Tabbed Secure Browser
Secure Browser Skins
Self Branding
Customizable Themes
Customize Start Page
Collect money from your customers with coin and bill acceptors
Accepts credit cards payments and keep 100% of your profits
Easy to configure simple and complex pricing
Share one customer account for all locations
Configure Internet Explorer Settings
Help users to easily send Email
Create your own Start Menu
Digital Signage
Multilanguage Support
Minimize maintenance time with a Remote Control
Transfer files to your Kiosks
Virtual Keyboard for complete touch screen support
Online reports helps you track your business
WiFi HotSpot Kiosk

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