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Print Manager Software

Need for computer and Internet usage in modern, everyday life results that
we often need to use a laptop on public place or computer in the Internet cafe`s.
HotSpot and Caffe`s provide wide range of additional services beside Internet and
computer usage. Most of the Internet Cafe locals provide printing, scanning and CD burning.

No matter to the fact that you are using laptop or a public computer, you will need
to transfer your documents to the cashier computer which will print your pictures,
business documents or confidental work. All those incoviniences only becouse hotspot
and caffe`s aren`t able to control and monitor printer usage from the public computers.

Antamedia Print Manager software represent a prefect solution. Customer privacy is maximal for
the printing from public computers and Cafe owners are protected from the missusage
of theire printers. Print Manager software provide full control and managment over the availeble
printers on the network. It will limit access to the printer from the wired and wireless
computers on the network. Printer will accept printing send from the computer only if
it is authorized with the account. If customer send a printjob which will cost more than
he have on the account, printer will refuse to print it. In other words, customers will only
be able to use your printer resources which they can afford. Print Manager have support for
control over multiple printers on the network and different pricing for each of them.
Print Manager account is limited with the money which customer can spend for printing, but
also could be limited with daily quota of printed pages and expiration date.

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